Friday, June 19, 2009

Roadtrips,Textures, Classes, and Sleep.

Roadtrips,Textures, Classes, and Sleep.

That about covers it all lately.
Packed last weekend hard.

My new self portrait. Needed a new profile pic.

So when last we spoke I was getting over a cold.
Trying to finish several projects.
Planning for a few events.
Spending a huge amount of the day time finishing design jobs and spending
the late nights in studio mode. Or vice versa.
Not much has changed with any of that. Its a never ending cycle so it seems.
Strapped my roller skates on - and have been gliding fast and furious.
Any extra time I get. I spend with my lady.
I have alot to blog about. I will post like a madman on Sunday.
I have new classes to talk about, collage sheets to share, and tutorials to post.
I will try to get it all up this weekend. My big goal.
I'm working on a new blog/ website.
The ultimate set up for us.
You have probably noticed several changes here in the last few weeks.
More coming. I can never leave things the same for too long.
Comes with moving so much as a kid.
I needed to touch base. Back to the hustle.
I have a grand class coming up tomorrow at Mystic Paper.
Utee and beeswax.
A class filled with hot pots.
Plus lots of Graphic 45.
Attached are pics. Here is a quick photo look of things lately.
Textures and day trips. Finished projects. New classes. This weekends class.
Talk soon all.

I know boring for some... but I love old rusty things.

Textures, textures, textures.

Class this weekend.

Utee and beeswax.

New classes coming soon.


Anonymous said...

Ah...the Bear, Love it!

Wendy said...

Take a deep's all's all good... love the light in these photos.

lifeheARTist said...

Great photos! got a chuckle out of your new profile pic too! : )

CeCe said...

Your site is so utterly wonderful as it is! Guess that is what makes you the master teacher--always something more to tell and share!

Tina said...

Super Cool photos!! Have a kickazz class tomorrow and Can't wait to see what you have come up with now..The bear/man/'s sooo

Poetic Artist said...

Love the post..Luv your new photo.
The joy of creating..LoL

Anji Gallanos said...

Amazing. Change is always fun and interesting. I love it.

JWood said...

nice job, as always... hey mike! do you have your own LINE of products yet? and when you do... can i be one of the first to try them out? *smiles*

Robin said...

Love the new self portrait:) Your blog rocks and so does your music selection!

carlene federer said...

LOVE the new profile pic, you should use it for fb too, lol!

eclectic archivist said...

I'm liking the new self portrait...very cool.

JWood said...

*gasp* YOU have a facebook?!? so do i! woot!!!

Judy said...

Love the bear!

But where is that skull with the rose located?? I want one! Got an old skull in the front yard. I think it will get a cleanin', come indoors and get dolled up!!

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