Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I pity the fool....

I pity the fool.
I'm coming for ya.
Someone did it. Not sure about the who? or the why? But when I find you....

Last Thursday he walked out of the house around 9:00pm.

Did we have a fight before he left? A quarrel?
He was in what appeared a fine mood.
Was he under the influence?
As far as I could tell.. no.
Does he ever go far from the house?
Sometimes he goes next door to play.
Or across the street.
Usually he just goes out in the yard and plays with his good friend.
Always back in an hour or two. Knocks at the door.
Gives a shout when he's ready to come and hang.
He can be very vocal when he wants something.
When he didn't come back and touch base with
me around midnight ... I began to get worried.
The neighborhood had been pretty quiet.
Nothing unusual.
Nothing I could do.
I went to bed.

Its now been five whole days since I have seen him.
Spent time with his friends.
I have checked all of his usual hang outs.
Talked with his girlfriends. Looked for messages.
Not a sign.
Nobody has seen him.
He might have decided to stay with someone
else for a bit... unlikely... but it can happen.
Perhaps someone picked him up and took him against his will.
That makes me mad.
Perhaps someone decided to give him a place to sleep...
thought that we were neglecting our duties.
With the heat I can understand. Not good for animals or people to be out.
Regardless of the time of day.
Perhaps someone did something cruel to him?
Maybe he had an accident.... I Checked with the local hospitals.
Doesn't make sense.
The private investigator in me comes out.
I have been creeping around my neighborhood "Batman" style.
Put on my ninja shoes.
Spying neighbors. Checking trash cans. Eyeing pavement for a tip or two.
The "meth" head with the trailer garage
and hydroponic lights in his living room.
Big suspect.
He saw me snooping around his yard and trash.
You never know when he's home.
Surveillance on him has been tricky.
He seems to be aware of my living room
spy quarters and my coffee breaks.
If I should suddenly go missing... you all know where to look.
His trailer garage.

Another big one on the radar.
The senior home over a block... very suspect... lonely folk.
Lonely folk probe into everything. If they got him.
They would hide him -and spoil him.
They would keep it all secret in house.
They might even share him.
Old people are sneaky.
They would accommodate all of his dietary desires to keep him from leaving.
Very "Hansel & Gretel".
Damn old people and their evil ways.
Probably gave him his own chair and pillow.
Then again ... maybe it was a kid.
A mean , acne filled, pushy, trench coat wearing, low confidence,
sadistic kid ,who never got enough love.
With a fetish for hurting things.
Then again maybe it was a car full of skinheads
travelling thru my neighborhood.
Lured him away with promises of adventure
and a sordid life of anarchy and crime.
Perhaps he decided to join a pack of skateboarders
and travel around the dark alleyways of Phoenix.
Perhaps he fell in love. Not likely.
He had a medical surgery that limited such desires.
But it could still happen. Urges can be mental more than physical.
Whatever happened...
We wish he would come home.
Here's the last photo I have of him.
I took this photo the night before he went missing.
Its of him and his good friend Ted sleeping on the bed with Lesley.

This is our cat Eddie.
We miss him.


Tina-Louise said...

Come home Eddie! M-E-O-W!

Jack and Cat Curio said...

Thanks Tina.

Christen Shaw said...

Awww. Hope you find him. I found Oz at a VA home... he was indeed being hidden and fed copious amounts of kibble. The dog sniffed him out. Did you try the shelters?

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Oh noes, I hope he comes home soon. You are in my thoughts for the speedy, healthy return of Eddie!

Robin said...

Here's hoping he'll be back at home safe and sound before you know it:)

Take Care - Robin

Chia said...

Oh Mike! My heart is breaking for you and Leslie. I know the pain and fear of a cat gone missing. My insides are knotting up just thinking of it. Maybe he got shut in someone's garage by mistake and will still make it home to you. I'll keep hoping for you.

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

I do so hope he comes home soon!! I'll send out my secret power vibes and see if they can be of assistance!! Meanwhile, keep lurking around the hood and maybe you'll spy him!!

lifeheARTist said...

Maybe he's hooked up with the same selfish person that took Roscoe from me. Haven't seen him since May 26th. I did get a chuckle from your post... not in a mean way but because I've shared similar fears of Roscoe's whereabouts with Kevan as well as pinpointed every possible sinister-type neighbor. I'm still checking online every couple of days. The Az humane society has pics of cats up for adoption... keep hoping that I'll see him. Hope Eddie comes home to you soon & if he does would you ask him if he's seen Roscoe? Ya never know, they may have shared an adventure or two! ; )

Sharon Margiotta said...

Poor Eddie! I sure hope he finds his way home very soon ..... and the story, you certainly have a gift for making it full of tears and gut wrench at the same time I'm laughing my arse off!

Wendy said...

Don't give up,we had a cat go on about a 3 week walk-about that damn near killed my husband and one day the errant ne're do well cat just strolled back on in the yard. He was an indoor cat and had never been out so we never expected to see him again. I hope Eddie gets himself back home soon.

Jack and Cat Curio said...

Thanks everyone!

Anonymous said...

Ya know, maybe Eddie is confused. For I went over to the old house because I had this terrible fear that I had left dishes in the dishwasher...abandoned. I looked in and nothing, but when I went out of the house there was our cat Frenchy, wanting to come in. I had to remind him AGAIN~ French, we don't live here anymore. I threw him in the car and drove him around the corner to the new house.

Now...I'm not saying that Eddie might be in your dishwasher, but he may just be confused. Maybe he stayed out Friday night partying and went into some neighbor's garage on Saturday when they pulled out their lawn mower to sleep it off. Seriously, it could happen.

Judy said...

Oh dear! I hope Eddie comes home soon!!

My kitty, Tabby, disappeared after we moved to a new house about 4 miles away as the crow flies. A week later the owner of our old house called to ask if our cat was missing. Sure enough, Tabby had trekked all the way back to the old house -- through a prairie dog town, over or under a freeway, up the road between the hogbacks, and through the maze of homes and open spaces to find our old house. Amazing!!

Eddie will return! I have hope!

Tumble Fish Studio said...

I'm so sorry! I hope Eddie comes home soon. My heart sank reading your post. Good thoughts are with you!

SueC said...

Sorry to hear abou Eddie,Michael. I hope he returns very soon.
I would sooo miss Tia our cat or Bailey (our totally house trained Llasa Apso) if either of them went missing so I can understand your thoughts.
Big hugs to you and Lesley
Love Sue xx

AimeeInOhio said...

Awe Mike, I am prayign for Eddie to come home!!!

Sandy said...

I pray for his return to you, I hate lost pets.

Debra Mc said...

Maybe --by the time I'm writing this--Fast Eddie's returned home. I'm truly hoping.
I'm sending shout-outs to the universe that Eddie's not where he's supposed to be.
And Eddie, if you're hearing this somehow...get your butt back home where two people are desperately missing you!
Don't give up the search or your hope, Mike~

Alice said...

Oh my! I can imagine how you feel. I've always had cat children and when they hide or go missing I know the helplessness and deep sinking feelings that scare the poop out of you. My thoughts and prayers are with you and my radar is out to kitty telling him to get his fuzzy little butt home before mom and dad go bonkers.(seriously)

ArtSparker said...

This is very distressing. My parents had a cat go missing for a year, who casually strolled back in one day and has not left again. but I hope you don't have to wait so long.

Elizabeth Golden said...

This happened to our Harry. He visited the neighbors and they went on a ten day cruise locking poor Harry in their garage with no food or water. He survived. Very hungry though. I hope Eddie shows up - soon. Blessings!


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