Monday, July 13, 2009

Current Projects & More

Current projects & more....
Here is a look at the last few weeks of Etsy projects and classroom examples.
In between family, dogs, work, more family, blistering heat, and lost cats.
Lesley and I have still found studio time.
Finishing resin projects and jewelry tonight.
The studio has been hit by a whirlwind.
We have had to shuffle several rooms around for
some family events and parties in the last week.
Crazy times.
We need a nice long vacation.

I have two upcoming classes this week.
Can't wait to get back in a classroom.
I love sharing ideas and technique.
When I go too long without a class I get depressed.
Same as being on stage and acting. I hate it when a show goes dark.
Waiting for the next show.
The stage and a classroom share many of the same elements in my book.
Both need to be well planned, engaging, exciting
and full of mind tickling experiences.
If both are done badly- it can be disasterous for the attendee.
Causing that person to never engage in such an experience again.
However if both done correctly- the rewards for all our vast.
I'm a junkie for a classroom or a stage.
Anytime people allow themselves to create
and live in the moment- is a good time in my book.

Talk more about that later tonight.

I'm off to go post lost cat posters in my neighborhood.
Someone has nabbed our cat.
More on that later as well.

July's Etsy


Christen Shaw said...

Sorry about the cat... hope you find him. Any plans on where you are going for that nice, long vacation you need?
New stuff look amazing as always.

Amanda said...

Dear Mike,
Thank you for visiting my new blog. I believe it was you that I learned of the term "blurker" at one of your Mystic Paper classes. That was so much fun.
Thank you.


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