Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Technique Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Altered Brass Heart Pendant with Wings

Amate Studios GB Large Heart Pendant
Metal Wings-Blue Moon Lost & Found
Ball Chain
Soldering Iron
Lead Free Solder
Black Soldering Patina
Water Soluble Flux
Word/Alphabet Stamps
Distress Ink
Archival Ink
Copper Foil Tape (if needed )
Small Watch Parts
UTEE -Clear
Baking Tray
Silicone Baking Sheet or Parchment Paper
Oven or Melt Pot

Safety Reminder- The fumes produced when soldering can be toxic.
Please take care to protect yourself and your art area
when soldering and using patina.

Make sure you have adequate ventilation.


1. The first step is to clean the surfaces of your
heart tray and wings before soldering.

. Make sure that the pieces to be joined are
properly aligned and fit closely together.

You can use copper foil tape if this helps to hold the pieces together.
Apply tape around joints and burnish well.

Apply flux along the joints using a brush.

Apply solder to tip of soldering iron.
Begin touching the tip of iron and solder to all joints (or seams).
Process works best when a good length of solder is held in one
hand and pushed against tip of iron and joint with the other.
Move the tip of the iron horizontally to the seams working solder
evenly into and over all joints. Once joints are equally covered- let cool.

6. Clean your piece with soapy water to remove flux. Towel dry.

7. Solder changes color naturally over time.
To create an instant aged look we will use a black patina.
Make sure that your project is thoroughly clean.
Then lightly apply patina to get desired look with a brush.
Wash with soapy water. Let dry.

8. Create a pleasing arrangement of small watch parts inside your heart.

9. Make a small message that will fit in your heart on a piece of paper.
Stamp a message using archival ink.
Ink sides of your message with “Vintage Photo” Distress Ink
to create an aged look and interest.

10. Method #1 -Pre-heat your oven to 340 degrees F or 171 degrees C.

11. Arrange your winged heart on the silicone baking sheet
(or parchment paper) on your baking tray.
Make sure that you have achieved desired layout within your
heart with message and watch parts.
Then lightly fill your pendant with clear UTEE.
Move carefully so not to disrupt your layout within heart.
Its best to start small.
You can always add more and reheat to get desired level.

12. Put into oven for about 2-3 minutes.
Once UTEE is melted take out and inspect.
You can add more UTEE and reheat to reach desired fill.

13. Method #2 -If you have a Ranger Melt Pot you can simply pour and melt.
Both methods will get you the same great effect.

14. Let piece cool and then attach to your favorite chain or beaded necklace.

If you have any questions or run into any trouble... just let us know..


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