Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Saturday's Class was a buzzing all day long!

You gotta love this lady! Frenzy Stamper owner Debbie B.

Saturday's Class was a buzzing all day long!
We love hanging at the Frenzy hub!
A great day filled with great collage and rich storytelling.
All the ladies created some fantastic pieces.
Great laughs, new friends, and lots of dynamic creations.

A "huge" thanks to Debbie!
Thanks for having us over to create and teach!
Thank you ladies for choosing to spend your afternoon with us!
Lesley and I had a great time!


Poetic Artist said...

Looks like you guys had fun.

The Demanding Doll said...

Thanks Michael and Lesley for a great class at Frenzy Stamper. You are both so much fun and obviously passionate about what you do. And thanks for putting my project on your blog.

I'm looking forward to learning from you again and keeping track of what you are up to from your blog.


Debbie Bick said...

ahhh thanks I love having you come...can't wait for the next class...great both are wonderful....


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