Thursday, August 20, 2009

We need today....a filled studio day...

Shadowboxes for classes next month. For my good friends at Mystic & Frenzy!
I promised these a few weeks ago. Almost done. Today.. I promise.

A long awaited studio day ....

Going to lock ourselves away.
Lesley is also going to leave work early.
We need to finish projects, several submission deadlines,
write ups to finish, photograph artwork, respond to emails.

Another look at the shadow box set.

Also more vamp, skulls, sirens and witches for our beeswax collage classes next month.
Above is Lesley's quick example piece from last Saturday's class.

Today we also need to pull and prep for a delicious upcoming class
at Paper Vineyard ( this Saturday).
Marie Antoinette & the House of 3 Beeswax Collage Project.
A quick peek:
My creation

We have been gone from the blog for a few days.
Things have been hectic. Good and hectic.
I have been running a demo table for Amate Studios the last
two days at the Southwest Summer Show here in Scottsdale.

Amate Studios table at the Southwest Summer Show.

Put together several Amate ring
"make n takes" with Magic Glos, UTEE, and mica powder.
It was fantastic meeting so many local area folks, and a few not so local.
A pure pleasure to be able to spend time with
some very wonderful and creative individuals.
I enjoyed sharing different techniques and ideas with you all.

A special thanks to the following for having such
strong artistic passions and a great sense of humor.
You all saved me from slipping into demo coma.
Thanks Debbie, Barbara, Nic and the gang that came over with Rachel.

For those still waiting for resin and glaze notes... coming soon.
I just received several more new resins and a few goodies.
My report on my findings will be posted soon.
Also if you attended a class last weekend... your notes will be going out today.
Talk soon all.
Have a great Thursday!

Amate ring "make n take" -thinking Halloween. I can't wait.

Amate ring "make n take" number two... for those not into Halloween.


Debra Mc said...

Oooh, I'm lovin' those shadowboxes!

Rachel Carlson said...

it was AWESOME to meet you at the show! i was looking for you later but you got the heck outta dodge asap, SMART. back in denver after drama at the airport. need to decompress before i report on it. HUGE thanks for all of your tips, ideas and inspiration. you are genius! i will be stalking the stores for the new goods. must get some of that magic glos! hugs, rachel

Amanda said...

You are THE BEST when it comes to Halloween. I hope I get the time to participate in a class or two with you.

Amy said...

I'm a new follower of yours, being new to art and blogging, :) but I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely LOVE your art! I'm truly inspired. I love the shadowboxes in this post and can't wait to hear more about your resin pieces! I'm also impressed with how you keep up with your blog in the midst of being crazy-busy! I know your fans appreciate it!

Tumble Fish Studio said...

I have always ADORED your shadow boxes and these are no different - so gorgeous. I just love seeing what's going on in your magical workshop!

Char said...

Great that you are expanding and keeping busy busy. Love your new art and Maries. (Want some of them.) And, Lesley love the quick sample you made. (Give that man a run for his money you do.)


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