Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Did we go missing? October madness....

Wow... Three Weeks!
No blog post for the last three weeks...
Long time.
Where have we been?
Buried deep in projects, classes, vendor shows, and fall prep.
As soon as the first day of Fall hit... you could feel the change.
Holidays, craft shows, art circles, new ideas.
This summer was rough..
Here in Az. we still have the heat lingering at a fine high...
However you can start to feel it cool down at night and in the early mornings.
We apologize for being gone so long.
We have been working hard on a few new ideas and new looks.
You should start to see some changes in the next week.

My favorite month is just around the corner... been planning and prepping.
Expect a smather of posts, collage sheets, giveaways,
classes, and a few surprises.

Perhaps a new web site and blog.
I always consider the Fall as a creative jump off point.
It kicks it all in high creative gear.
I'm a strong believer that however my October goes ... its a precursor
for how things flow until Spring.
Its fortune cookie faith...
I know.....I can't help it.

Been that way since I was a kid.
If the month of October is filled with creative energy, inspiration, good food,
lots of friends, lots of romance, and travel.
Then that is what my month's will be filled with until spring.
Now... if its filled with bad food, no energy, bad television, poor costumes,
fighting family, bad health, plus a real bad Halloween.
Then I can usually count on an even worse Thanksgiving, a real long Winter,
and a very boring New Years.
However in the "Book of Mike" all this can be prevented.
It just takes more energy.
Nothing is ever set in stone.

The next few month's for me always hold adventure, inspiration,
family, and a desire for breaking the norm.

Speaking of new adventure.... I can't help but make a comment...
Did anyone notice where T!m H. was last week?
That blows my mind.

Seriously.... wow.
I'm envious. Totally and utterly envious.

I'm having a Veruca Salt moment.
Forgive me.

You should give his latest post a read...

We need to say a huge "thanks" to a big crowd.
We have taught several incredible classes in the last three weeks.
Met some very talented folks, had some great laughs,
shared a few techniques, and nibbled on a lot of candy corn.
Thanks to everyone who has stopped at our booth, shared in a class,
and has found time for an email or two.
We appreciate you all.

A big "Thanks" to Kim & Jennifer at Mystic Paper!
Happy Store Anniversary!

A big "shout out" and "thanks" to
Adriana and her fantastic creative ladies at Paper Vineyard!

Here are a just a few pics and also a free poison collage sheet for your crafting pleasure.
Our way of saying sorry for not posting.
Talk soon.
Thanks for reading.

Now go create.

-Mike & Lesley

Poison Labels


Wendy said...

Yay! More temptation to look forward too. I'm with you on October foretelling the future and you simply must find time to do something "mystical" this month. Thanks for the new collage sheet!

Anonymous said...

My family has 4 birthdays in Oct. I can only hope to get art done. Glad you're back. Thank for the nifty poison sheet.

Char said...

Thanks for the poison. I'll be really careful with it. Looks like fun was had by all. Love the Ghosts lurking around.

Robin said...

Oh no...not a Veruca Salt moment! Hope your October is everything you hope it will be so that your upcoming year is fantastic! Thanks for the poison labels.

Take Care - Robin

JWood said...

welcome back! whew... i was beginning to wonder about you two... i've also been busy creating, in fact, i'm having trouble sleeping i'm so energized, maybe the weather will finally turn cooler, that'd be awesome! see you soon!

Sarah said...

I must say that I have missed your posts. Love seeing what you have been up to. Thanks for the collage sheet.
I'll be on the cruise with T!m in Oct...not as exotic as Japan but will still be fun.

Paris Cowgirl said...

Ummm, I see a few visitors! Glad you're back!

tanya watts said...

owww you bad blogger! been blogging badly myself to be honest, life got in the way, my mother died.

glad to read you are busy and creating and being your wacky lovable self!
just about a year ago we had our Ranger U adventure!!! happy memories! still still wish we all lived closer!!!



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