Thursday, October 1, 2009

First Day of October!

This mornings "Art A Day" titled "Ghosts"

Morning all!
New music player mix today...
A collection of fifties tunes....

Happy October 1st!

So a quick post.
Then out the door to work on several projects.
I'm back with my "Art A Day" & now "Photo a Day".
It might seem tedious to you.
The reason behind it?
Is because if I don't do it?
I loose it.
Its easy for me to fall off the artistic wagon at times.
Make sense?
Life is busy.
So many things get thrown at ya.
I went several weeks without taking a photo.

This morning's "Photo A Day"

Its so easy to sit and waste a few hours watching too many reality shows.

I can do that when my legs don't work anymore.
In my retirement home, or trailer.
Or wherever someone decides to put me.
I can spend hours watching old TV shows
and eating soft foods in my older days.

But I won't always be able to go out and capture life with my camera.
In my retirement trailer I hope to still
have a spark of romance and adventure.
But I might be trapped in my own head by that time.
It runs in the family.
In my bloodline they live long but crazy.
Also good hair.
My three step brothers not so lucky.
They will be sane ... but bald.

October 1st -Railroad Tracks

So anyway... my goal... a photo a day.
Does it need to be great?
It just needs to be me... using my camera.
Learning new tricks... working on settings.... balance, light... etc.
I will also be doing my "Art A Day".
So here is today's photos.
Also my "Art a Day" project.
Took and combined them both.
I will be back later.
A certain friend sent me something very cool in the mail.
Made my day! Can't wait to share it!

Talk soon.


sherry said...

"Ghost" really called to me. Must be my mood these days but I am in love with this haunting pic. Thanks for posting

julie Haymaker thompson said...

Hey wait first day of OCT!! where did sept go!!

Lindsey said...

Love the pics Mike... and the photoshop always looks awesome! you have any experience with lomography?

Take care guys! And here's to fall!

Robin said...

Wonderful art and photos!

NancyB said...

"Ghost" is truly awesome! Great photos! Can't wait to figure out photoshop myself lol So facinating! xoxo

Jack and Cat Curio said...

Thanks all. Where did September go? I love the "lomo" style and look.
I'm a "faux lomo" man. I fake it.
Good to hear from you all.Talk soon.

JWood said...

great images, fun month... thanks for getting back on track *pun intended*

Jack and Cat Curio said...

Thanks JW! Glad to hear that you been busy!

JWood said...

hey jack and cat, have you heard of!? pretty cool... its a sight about what inspires you...

i've been doing some photo journaling, i post some pics on facebook, i might add a link to my blog one day soon...

have a great creative week!


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