Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday Morning.... Beeswax melting...

Prepping for today's class. Mixing some color. Then out the door.
Heading off to that wonderful haunt spot classroom at Mystic Paper.
Class today.
Colored Beeswax & Halloween Silhouettes.
The smell of beeswax is heavy in the house.

Before I head out the door ...
wanted to post yesterdays photo and Art A Day project.

This should be a fun weekend, lots of B-Movies, Halloween crafts,
Oktoberfest, Derby Dames, live music venues.
Plus prepping for Lesley's B-Day on Monday!

So here is the shot from yesterday morning....
I headed over to Tempe Town Lake where they
will be hosting "Oktoberfest Fest" this weekend.
I knew I would find something of interest to photograph.

Its the best.
When you can creep into a place that will be smacked
with hundreds of people in a few short hours.
You can get the shots before the storm kinda thing.
Plus for me its haunting....its ironic.
Its sort of like when you see a playground with no kids.
A candy shop with no warmth.

The best is when you go to Disneyland.. be one of the first thru the gates.
You can beat the crowd... and be the first one at a certain section.

You know that for the rest of the day it won't be as still and as soft.
It will become chaotic, crazy, messy, and worked.
Make sense.

So yesterday... roamed the grounds before the event.
Best light is in the morning and before the sun goes down.
My favorite times.
What I always try to work on is balance.
I'm not a great photographer.
Far from.
Its hard for me to balance a pic... center things.
Take the time for the shot. Its something I'm still learning.
Don't move fast.
Center the image...own the moment to take the shot...
or move just a hair to the left or right.
Meaning most times you will find...
that the difference between a great shot and not so good.
Is if I had just shifted a few inches down, up, or to the side.
If I had moved to the left just a bit..
I would have avoided those ugly power chords.
Or I would have got the top of someones head, etc...

So yesterday.... working on just centering myself
and looking and trying different angles.

Titled "Yo Yo"
Attached is also yesterday's Art A Day project.
A Halloween collage sheet I made for our email mailing list.
Happy creating.
Talk soon.

October 2009

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julie Haymaker thompson said...

post some images of the class... pretty please!!


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