Monday, November 2, 2009

A quick class update & also a giveaway!

Playing this new self portrait..
All last month I was playing with creating an
"Alice In Wonderland"set of digital prints. Almost done.
That was my fist attempt at a Mad Hatter / Steampunk character.
I was having trouble... less Mad Hatter... more odd.
So I took a photo of myself from last Halloween and blended it into the piece.
Not bad..
Here is a peek at one of the pieces from the "Alice" set.
Its the "March Hare" print....
Its coming along...

A giveaway of sorts...
Ok bloggers... I need help....
Getting ready for the holidays.
Every year one of the big requests I get from folks is to do some
repair and restoration with photos.

I'm now in the process of putting together some display boards for service.

I need a good challenge...

I 'm on the search for damaged photos..
So... it goes like this..
If you have a damaged photo ...
a cherished photo on the brink of hopelessness...
tears? bends? fade out? discoloration? spots ? and noise?etc...
If you send it to me via email...
I will choose the top five -that I feel need my assistance the most.
I will repair your photo....and send it back to ya via email.

In exchange for repairing your photo...
All I ask that I can use it in my portfolio and display boards of work done.
Not going to resell your image, use it in my artwork, no collage cd, etc..

Just repair...... then back at ya!

If you would like to send me a photo or two...

Just scan your photo.

Send it to me as big as you can get it... 300dpi would be the best.
If you have no idea about dpi... just scan and send ... I'll work with what I can..

Send it to:
Once received I will confirm with you via email...
Give me a day or two...
I 'll fix and post it here and send back to you within a couple of days.

Here is also an upcoming class update!
Lesley and I due to busy schedules, family, and more...
will only be teaching two classes this month.

Both will be at Paper Vineyard.
The first class is this Saturday at 10:00am
at Paper Vineyard.
Its our
Ranger Ink Technique Class Part 1
or as some like to call it "Mini Ranger U" class.
This is one of my favorite classes.

I love nothing more than sharing all the
techniques that I learned from Tim, Claudine, and Suze.

If you have Ranger products at home,
and your not sure how to incorporate them into your work,

or get the best results from these products.
This class is for you!

This class is all about the process and the journey.

Everyone will leave with a full tag book
with detailed directions for each technique.

Here is also a quick peek at our "Pretty Paris" Beeswax Collage Class.
This class will be taught at

Paper Vineyard on Saturday , November 21st at 1:00pm.
We will post more on this before Friday...
we have a few more examples coming up.

If you have any questions ... send us an email.
Talk soon,



The Raven said...

Your self-portrait is fantastic. You were born to wear top hats, vests, goggles and that mustache. Now that's Jack. Edison, anyone?
Also love the Paris beeswax sample, gorgeous!

The Raven said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sarah said...

Your self portrait is way too cool! Very mysterious fellow there!!!

CeCe said...

Great Portrait Mike.
Trying to think if I have a damaged photo-Darn it, don't think I do!
How bout a damaged spirit? Smile. Aren't you good at that too?!
The tag class is one of my favorite all time classes. My tag booklet hangs in my work space. Hope many will take the class as it is a GREAT one!

Linda Cain said...

Fabulous work! I love the March Hare print and of course the Beeswax Collage takes your breath away!

Jack and Cat Curio said...

Thanks ladies!

KAT said...

Wow - wish I would have known about this before I paid over $100 to have my mom's baby picture digitally corrected. It's just an infant head shot - if you'd like it send me an email and I can send it to you electronically...


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