Thursday, November 5, 2009

We all have a tune.

Everyone has a soundtrack.
We all step to a rhythm of some sort.
A song for everyone.
It might change for us as we get older.
Some days require different tunes.

But we all have a song.


Each morning I get up... I get out of bed... I get coffee..

Give Lesley a kiss, say "hello" to the dogs.
Flip the computer on.
Choose a song.
That first song sets me up for the day.
This has been the ritual since I was in junior high.
Sometimes it might be an older selection, bluegrass, punk,
old rock, cowbell, blues, soundtrack from an old movie, etc.
I'm big on soundtracks.

Most people can be read easily with a few simple questions.

Two kinds of people in the world...

TV folk or music folk?
Sinatra? Or Elvis?

Rolling Stones? or Beatles?
Ramones? or Sex Pistols?

Victoria Secret? or Fredericks?

Briefs? or Boxers?

Beer? or Wine?
Dog Person? or Cat Person?
Its all about your romantic view on the world.
Risk taking. Thought of adventure. Creative energy.
Self perception is a funny thing.

Do you remember the first time you recorded your voice on a tape?
Then played it back and really listened to the way you sound?

You got bored kids?... give them a tape recorder , a tape, and a microphone.
Just listen to what they do with it.
The gibberish and antics they can create .
But the best is when kids... really hear themselves for the first time.

Most of us identify with the sounds and images
we all see on television and at the movies.
Certain images and music can send us back, reflect, ponder, remember.

My family and I moved so many times as a kid...
How did I deal with always being the new kid?

I would choose a role model from a movie.
I would envision how I wanted to appear to others.

Make it happen.
I would choose the soundtrack from the television show or movie.
Then play it over and over in my head.

James Bond didn't always fit in the fifth grade.

The "Fonz" would be hanging out in math class.
Ferris Bueller cut school often and did whatever he wanted.
James Dean from "Rebel Without A Cause"
would often make an appearance.

Christian Slater from "Heathers" made an appearance several times.
Started with a moped and french beret (not my best look).

Then traded up for a motorcycle and duster.

A really big "not so cool" moment...
When I first received my big black"duster" trench coat.
I wore it to high school.
I wore it while riding my moped.

At a red light.

I stopped.
Put on my ultra "cool" face.
As if a kid in a long black"Australian" duster
and a moped could look ultra cool.

I watched.. " Man from Snowy River" way too much as a kid.

Anyway.. Some girls pulled up.
I smiled.
Didn't give them much attention.
I was playing it really cool.
When the light turned green.
I cranked my throttle.
Ready to make the big departure in front of the ladies. duster got caught in my back wheel.
The more I cranked the throttle...
the more my coat got sucked into my back tire.
Causing me to choke myself.

It was a great scene to be sure...

A sixteen year old goth kid being
by his own trench coat in the middle of the road.

I ended up flipping the moped on top of myself.
I remember a "Jack In The Box" worker in full uniform came to my aid.
Bad day to be sure...
After that lesson...

I tried sitting on all that coat while riding my moped.
But then it looked like a speeding blur with a big black diaper.
Not the look I wanted.

I gave up the duster.

My soundtrack that day... "Staying Alive" ... Bee Gees.
Then it went deeply into romantic comedy.

Talk soon all,


Paris Cowgirl said...

Well, this one made me laugh out loud! "Man From Snowy River" one great movie!

Love, Mindy said...

Thanks for the great laughs and smiles! And, thank you for the great Halloween treats I received in the mailbox kids LOVED it all!

JWood said...

great stories mike! thanks so much for sharing!!! have you collected these for publication?!?

tanya watts said...

wohahaha! still laughing! mike mike mike! i can actually picture you on your moped! damn man!

my song today was ben harper's don't let them take the fight outta you!


Sally Cunliffe said...

Beer shot out my nose on that one! Ha (0: Thanks - love da blog baby


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