Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rocky & Teddy

Sir Rocky in his stylish Xmas sweater a gift from his friend in the North.
A quick post about these two.
Rocky & Teddy.
The last post peeked a touch of interest from some.
So here goes.

We have two Lhasa Apsos.
I grew up with Lhasa's.
In my lifetime I have never not had a Lhasa Apso somewhere in my household.
In my retirement... I will most likely become a Lhasa Herder.
I will own a small farm/ cabin with a few acres
Most likely in Prescott, Az. next door to Tim Holtz's property.
Yes... I think that might work.
A deluxe property where Lesley and I can
raise Lhasa puppies and host incredible art retreats.
A Lhasa farm filled with about twenty of these.

This is Rocky... an emotionally unbalanced creature.
That likes to chew all things.
He is a paper addict.

Remind you of anyone.

Below is Teddy... he is the leader of the duo.
He is also a paper addict.

When not looking for extra scraps of paper on the studio floor.
He can usually be found like this.

Such lovely monsters. They loved last weeks rain.. in and out...
mud prints all over.

White tile mind you..

Back later tonight ....
With peeks of classes and more...
CHA Pieces, etc...
Have a great day everyone.
Talk soon,


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the best retirement ever.

KAT said...

Love the pics of the dogs! So you are their "pimp" and provide them the drugs they need huh... Paper addicts!!! I have 3 Yorkies and I too would love to be Tim's neighbor!

The puppy picture - adorable!

Maija said...

Sounds like a perfect dream with your darlings!!!

Christen Shaw said...

Heehee! I can't help it. Furry things in people clothes = love... thanks for posting the pic!

SueC said...

Hi Mike and Lesley
Good choice - we have two Lhasa Apso's too. Bailey is a 4 year old grumpy old man who plods about the place and Kyipo (Tibetan for peace and happiness) is his 2 year old fun loving daughter who skips and leaps and is generally skittish. Both wonderful characters.
What a happy retirement - think I'll bag the place the other side of Tim's and help you with your puppy farm.

Linda Elbourne said...

The lady that you sat next to at Ranger U MADE me come :0) Glad I did ... what fabulous little doggies :0)

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

I can't imagine where they get their paper addiction!! Do they go for beeswax as well??!!

eclectic archivist said...

What's the deal with paper addict pets?!? I have chased my cat down the hall to pull soggy half chewed paper out of her mouth that she has found on my "Wizards Room" floor.

CeCe said...

Well, well, well. I love your art but these two darlings are competing for my heart. You might have to include them in some of your bees wax creations! Thanks for sharing the adorable pictures. Might have to have another pet someday and you now know what kind of dog I am thinking about.

Tricia Samsal said...

OMG! Rocky is a little puff ball! Love it! Hey, take a look at my blog-I found you at CHA! hee hee

Liddy said...

Just love those dogs, they are probably my favorite kind of dog....would have one but Gus Cat won't let me LOL!

Genevieve said...

Love the dogs and your work! I think you might have a kindred spirit in OZ - check out Kelsey O'Mullane's blog KO-OK, Kelsey's into all things creepy too.


KAT said...

Missing you guys.... Where are U? Just seen a project from one of the classes you just taught... Wished you taught something in Ohio.... Hoping you'll be giving us some arty inspiration soon!


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