Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The grind....balance is the key.

The daily grind.
New steampunk gears from Chubby Chico Charms or on C. C. C. on Etsy.

Its hard picking up the pen on a blog and writing after a long spell.

Thanks for all the emails and comments.
Especially those that came from CHA.
Sorry we missed ya.

In the last month we have had some great weekends
teaching in Payson, Tucson, and all around here at home.
Thank you everyone.
Notes and tutorials will be going out soon.
Sorry for the long wait.

The last two months Lesley and I have been working hard.
Putting in long hours at the school, long weekends teaching,
and creating projects and pieces at home in between.
The blog and website took the backseat.
Sadly so did a few friends, family members, and emails.

I have a bad habit of working myself until I crash.
If you know us ... every few weeks I usually come down with something.
Crash and burn.
I give , I give, I give, I crash.
Sometimes I get wake up calls... and I prevent it.

Usually Lesley calms and centers me.

Working with kids again...I give a ton to my classroom and kids.
Lots of prep and lots of take home.
You need to be highly organized so it does not take over your life.
It all about balance.
Balance of health, work, family, art.
For me -once it starts to get off balance.
Look out.
Lately I have become off balance.

At home sick today...
I have a cracked molar... that split and the back half came off the other day.
That scared the hell out of me.
A sinus infection that has completely taken over my head.
A double ear infection.
With "pink eye" in both eyes.
Its all about balance.
I'm sure that Lesley finds me very attractive at the moment.
A sandy eyed blind guy, breathing through his mouth, staggering into walls.
It makes me laugh.. seriously...

We have pics, projects, and new classes coming soon.

A big thanks to the local folks here in town.
Damn lucky to have the stores that we do in this state.
Debbie B you picked up my spirits on Friday.
You put it all in focus.
Thanks for playing with Tim's new "Distress Ink" colors with us.
You make us laugh and warm our spirits.

Paper Vineyard we had a blast on Saturday.
Thanks all for coming.
The projects looked great!
Thanks all.
Talk soon.
- Mike & Lesley


tanya watts said...

owwww it is all about keeping balance! well i am a tiny little bit glad you are home sick because now i got to actually chat with you for half an hour!!! and no IF's!!! we have a plan, we will work on it closer to date!!! be prepared for April 2011 my friend :) in the meantime, i know your wonderful wife is taking care of you, now you also need to take care of yourself, learn to give without letting it drain you, i know it's harder than it sounds, believe me, got the t-shirt!
anyway, i enjoyed our chat, ttyl x

Jack and Cat Curio said...

Your the best. Love ya.
M & L

CeCe said...

So hope you feel better soon. That sick thing tends to get one's attention. Take care, you talented person, you!

Chia said...

Man, you sound like a mess! So sorry it all hit you at once. It is important that you make time for yourself each and every day to keep your soul healthy. It doesn't need to be much, just a window of time that is all for you and lets the rest of the world take a back seat for a few minutes. It's hard to keep a healthy body when the soul isn't nourished. I'll be thinking of you and wishing for a speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link for the gears. I'm having a hard time finding steampunk stuff. My daughter thinks I should get involved with this, don't know why. Hope you get to feeling better.

SueC said...

hey big guy - you take care of yourself - can't have my classmate falling apart at the seams!...and what's all this about April 2011...if Tanya's coming out to you book me a seat on the plane too!!! Lol! big hugs xx

eclectic archivist said...

Man you need to take better care of yourself...you sound like one sick puppy!

Tanya's comment has me intrigued...if she is coming to Arizona to play...may I play too?

JWood said...

wow! teaching takes a lot of patience and prep, good job for keeping your chin up even with the busy-ness and illnesses... feel better soon! keep creating! would LOVE to see you soon! i think we briefly discussed a party soon! chat later! judy

Anonymous said...

I hear ya! Though, I think I'm getting better at slowing things down. Cuz if I don't, life makes me (as you would agree ;) Being 40 helps (don't feel like I have to prove myself anymore). But like you, there are so many things I am drawn to do...So yah, good to hear you are taking care of each other and balancing things out. Like the song says, "Roll with it, baby!" ;) Cheers and happy trails until next time!


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