Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Last happenings of the year.....

Parisian Beauties Beeswax Collage Class Sample #1

A few announcements.... 
Upcoming classes, gift exchange, kits leaving the house today.
Also as you may have noticed...
I switched the music player for a few days.
This is my "Frenchy" mix... I hope that you enjoy.

So this Friday we will be teaching our last class of the year.
We will be at Frenzy Stamper in Scottsdale, Az.
Teaching our Parisian Beauties Beeswax Collage class..
Above and below are a few examples of the piece.
We will be using the new paper from Glitz Design with this project.
Huge fans of this line.
Local girls as well.
Parisian Beauties Beeswax Collage Class Sample #2

Then this Saturday the 18th 
we will be at Mystic Paper.We will have our art booth
 set up outside selling our wares as part of the MACfest.
Inside we will be enjoying hot cocoa and cookies, 
and will be participating 
in their "Switcharoo and Coffee Too" .
The switcharoo is where you bring a gift wrapped shoebox  filled with
unwanted craft supply items and trade your box for someone else's. 
Perhaps you end up with something of great value.
That hidden ingredient to your next mixed media masterpiece.
Or more crap for your studio.
Either way its Holiday fun and a chance to see 
a few friends before the New Year.
We hope to see ya.
Holiday booth images

Also today... kits leave the house. 
If you have ordered a kit from us this month.
It will be sent out this afternoon, packed with a few holiday goodies.
We appreciate everyone who has supported us with this endeavor.
We have 12 kits left... if anyone wants to order.
We will stop taking orders for these Thursday night at midnight.

"Song Bird" Shadowbox Kit
Kits are $45, Shipping within the US $15, Total $60
All Kits will be sent out on
Wednesday, December 15th.
Orders placed after the 15th will be sent out on the 17th.
With priority mail!
Number of Kits Available: 12
Just click on the Buy Now button.
Included in this kit are all the pieces necessary to 
create an intriguing tale housed within a 6x6 inch shadowbox.


We will talk with you all soon.
All the best,

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