Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Images of the day for 12/10-12/13

So I know I'm behind....
But here is for last week... 
then we will move quickly into this week.
I thought that we would go over some "Santa" imagery.
The look of modern day Santa...
We can break it down "Mad Men" style.
This is a quick and fast breakdown of American Santa Imagery 101.
American Santa Imagery Part 1
First  up...
We go back 180 years.

Clement Clark Moore
Who is Clement?
Clement is the guy who gave us the
first real bite sized description of the big guy.
He gave us a vivid description of the late night lurker.
His mode of transpo and the number and names of his reindeer.

 Clement wrote Twas the Night Before Christmas in 1822.
He got the visual description really going...


Thomas Nast (aka "Father of the American Cartoon")
Nast drew images  for Harper's Weekly from 1859 to1886.
His images of Santa  are some of the most widely used.
He is also credited with creating many of  the myths about Santa..
Such as establishing the North Pole as Santa’s home, 
children mailing letters to Santa, elves in the workshop,
the list of naughty and good children.
Here are a few samples of his "Santa" pieces...
Most of Nast's work is in the public domain.
But always do a search before ya go big.

Hope they inspire...
Coming Soon... Part 2 of American Santa Imagery


Robin said...

Very cool! Thanks for both the info and the pics. Have a wonderful day.


Sarah said...

Gotta love Santa! Thanks for the beautiful works of Nast...some of my favorites.

CuddlyBunny said...

Until today I've not spent much time wandering with you, though I found you awhile back (I assume through the Holtzian Compendium of Curiosities Challenges at StudioL3).

So, in case you couldn't already hear me gleefully shouting from over here in Reno, NV ... I LOVE it here!

Love. :)


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