Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday Bollywood kick....

Happy Monday everyone.
Hope that you all had a great weekend.
I know that we did. A packed full weekend.
So... I'm behind on a few things. Expect more posts today..
Behind on my images a day...
Computer glitches this weekend..
Everything back to normal...
I needed a jolt with my coffee this 
morning to kick Monday off. 
So I decided to share my love for Bollywood.
Yes..... I said Bollywood.
The last few classes we taught... 
My love for Bollywood  came up once or twice..
I love watching sixties Bollywood movies...
As a kid  I got hooked... Early morning Saturdays...
Late nights being sick..
Somehow I would end up watching old Bollywood movies.
So here are a few clips I thought that I would share...

1966 Bollywood movie "Gumnaam" 

Zindagi Etafak Hai

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