Thursday, March 3, 2011

New element to Jack & Cat Curio.....

Goodies  for the upcoming M7 Street Fair! 
So perhaps you have caught a few 
changes on the blog and links of ours...
A mention of something called Curio 33.
As if we did not have enough things going on...
we have started another creative endeavor..

What is Curio 33? 
Curio 33 is one of the creative collections of trinkets and treasures
that you would find labeled and housed 
Its another flavor of what we create and offer.
Things that sparkle and shine,
apparel and jewelery, 
artwork and treasures that may
not fit here in the darker vintage world 
of Jack & Cat Curio.

Getting ready....
So this weekend we will be going out
for the first time as Curio 33.
We will be setting up our booth and wares 
at the Melrose & 7th Avenue Street  Fair on Saturday.
In the past we have attended as Jack & Cat Curio.
It was one of the first shows we did as
a vendor booth back several years ago.
It was also the first introduction to the lovely

But for Curio 33.. we wanted a different look..
and feel...for this years booth.
So we have got out the old tools... 
We have hunted down a few new goods for display and 
will spend the next day or two getting ready.
Layering rust, age, and pazazz....
Here is a peek at the current situation...
We will post pics as we complete the desired look...

So please come and take a visit to our new blog 
or we hope to see you this weekend!

 All the best

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