Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fire Eaters, Crafts, and more

Morning everyone!
Its been awhile.....
Latest news and goodies...
Just got back from a great weekend of
teaching and selling crafts and wares.
Met some fine folks.. and had one of the 
best weekends we have had in a very long time.
Last Friday we set up our booth at the 
First Friday Arts Market in downtown Phoenix.
A perfect summer night.
The Arizona heat went away ... and a cool breeze came in...
Sideshows and street performers in full swing...
Fire eaters and sideshow men with antics and magic..
Food carts... loaded with smells of jambalaya...
watermelon salads and fresh made ice cream.
Kids running around with ice cold bottles of soda pop.
The Art Market section looked like it came out of a Nick Drake song....
Little lights everywhere.... small booths huddled together 
filled with eye candy and handmade goodies.
Artwork being shared, discussed , and sold.
Then the fireworks shot out overhead and the baseball stadium let out.
Hundreds more came out and hit the event. 
It lasted well past midnight. 
Lesley's dad came out to see us with the grandchildren.
He turned seventy this last Friday.
I can't think of a better way to turn seventy.... I hope to be as lucky.

Then the next morning we drove bright and early to Payson
for a day of  full classes at Paper & Metal Scrappers.
The sense of community in Payson is overwhelming.
Especially with the folks that can be found within this little store.
The owners Barb and Brenda are now going on seven years with this store.
They are two of the hardest working store owners I have ever met. 
They care about every detail and every customer.
In return their customers care about the store and them.
Barb and Brenda seek out strong teachers and fantastic projects.
Then in return passionate teachers seek them out.
Its a fine example of what small buisness is all about. 

Anywho....we had a damn fine time in Payson.
I have alot more to share with ya....
G45.... Wizard of Oz... video tutorials... upcoming classes... and more.
We have the new updated blog going... the store site is up....and lots to share.
But now I need to finish prepping some kits and get out the door.
Thanks for reading, supporting, and we wish you all the best.
Here are some pics from the class in Payson.

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Linda Cain said...

LOVE the new blogsite setup!!! VERY cool and very Jack and Cat.

And of course "The Teddybear's Picnic" is an added plus.



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