Friday, June 10, 2011

Oz on the brain....Part 1

Morning everyone!

So this post is overdue...
G45! Its been a blast so far.
We are now in full swing with the design team and we are loving it! 
I must say ... fate has a way of working....
Especially with the release of their latest collection....
"Magic Of Oz....."
Here is a quick look at a few of the papers and stamps...


"Goblin Gazette"
"Scatterbrained Scarecrow"

Cling Stamps

 Love it....can't wait to get our hands on it....

It just so happens... I'm a huge fan of the OZ books.
Or perhaps I should be more specific... I'm a huge fan of the illustrations.
The original drawings from W.W. Denslow and then later John R. Neil.
The names, the characters.... I love it.

General Jin Jur, The Glass Cat, Johnny Doit, Jenny Jump,
The Bell-snickle, Mombi the wicked Witch of the North
Tin Man, Cowardly Lion, Hungry Lion
Shaggy Man, Patchwork Girl of Oz
The list goes on... 

These sound like people I know here in Phoenix.LOL.

My favorite of these characters is Jack Pumpkinhead.
A 13 inch Jack Pumpkinhead can be found tatooed up my right leg. 
So I was happy as can be when I saw the release of G45 's paper!
So expect some very cool projects..
So I wanted to share with you a few posts about the artwork of Oz.

So we start with a collection of different Oz interpretations
Over thirty different styles from various illustrators.  I hope it inspires..
So lets begin...

William Wallace Denslow
The first illustrator to give the characters a look and feel based upon the
words of Frank Baum in 1900. Baum and Denslow (with whom he
shared the copyright) published  The Wonderful Wizard of Oz 
to much critical acclaim and financial success.

Baum then went on to write thirteen more novels based
on the places and people of the Land of Oz. 
He would use illustrator John R. Neil for all of these.

John R. Neill - Royal Illustrator of Oz

John Rea Neill was the illustrator of Oz from 1904 to 1944.

After Baum's death Neill would continue to illustrate 19 more 
Oz books written by Ruth Plumly Thompson. 
Then eventually he would pen and illustrate four of his own additions
to the series. All together Neill is famous for thirty six volumes of OZ books.
This includes the four editions he also wrote, 
The Wonder City of Oz,The Scalawagons of Oz
Lucky Bucky in Oz, and The Run Away of Oz.

 Michael Jack Putman

My own quick sketch of the characters from a few years ago...

 Sebastian Giacobino

Julian Totino Tedesco 

I love this one....

 Jordi Villaverde

By Kajusx

Blogger is being difficult  this morning...
So I have decided to break this post into three parts...
More images in the next post....


Martha Richardson said...

The illustrations are incredible!!! How could one not love Wizard of Oz...could you do a collage sheet of the FLYING MONKEY'S"... when I get really upset that has become my go to statement and I need to create something around that. NO better idea...a Jack & Cat kit would be even better!!!

Linda Cain said...

For years I had nightmares that had igloos in my Aunt's year and these scarey flying monkeys would carry me off in the air only to drop me in her yard by the igloos.

Intense therapy needed here!!! HA!


Pearl Maple said...

Cool collection, can't wait to see these up close
In Australia folks often refer to the country as OZ and can see this will have fun interpreations
The illustrations are just fabulous


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