Friday, May 29, 2009

Grandmother's Woods Beeswax Class Tomorrow

Beeswax Class Tomorrow! Damn fine class! Tomorrow morning!

A goodie.
A dark meat class to be sure....
Meaning I love to do pieces with a little darker flavor.
I like those that sometimes prefer
the "dark chocolate" over say "white with nuts".

We can always find vanilla.... but a good, dark, rich layered delicacy?
Don't get me wrong. Vanilla is the base for all.
Its a starting point. A damn good one.
But like life.... once born... how the story will end is up to you.
A starting point ... blank page waiting to be layered
Wanting to be filled with a good solid story of
romance, adventure, passion, and grand desires.
Laughter, sadness, depression, joy.

So class tomorrow.....

At Mystic Paper in Mesa.
Beeswax Collage or encaustic delving for others...
Here are a few pics of the various forms of the project.
This class includes a touch of soldering.

More than a dab of distress ink technique.
A touch of back story layering.
A smidge of alcohol ink technique and skill.
Some crackle and ageing.

Good music, good stories, and an incredibly fast paced four hours.

Also after my class is my good friend Josie Cirincione.
Here is a peek at Josie's project for tomorrow.
If you have ever wanted to learn soldering.
This is the class!
I love Josie as an artist and a person.
If you have never picked up one of her books... you should.

So anywho..
If you want a mini art retreat. Tomorrow is the day.
Sorry about the late notice.

Hope to see you!

If you are coming to my class- you need to bring nothing but yourself.
I will have all supplies, tools, and goodies.
If you would like to bring any photos of your own to use-
I suggest printing them up on heavy cardstock.
Nothing with a high gloss or fax paper.
Feel free to bring any charms, ephemera, and any kind of fiber....
If you have a question about class.....
You can email me at

Talk soon,


Anne, Bulles dorées said...

it's gorgeous !!!!!!!! *o*

Robin said...

This is awesome! Love everything about it inlcuding the bird:)

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Most excellent place!!! Blessings.

Julie B. said...

Love that collage! Love the colors, the darkness, the glass...great!


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