Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Class kits and doggie doctor

"Wonderland" Hinged Beeswax class at Frenzy Stamper on Saturday.

So today I'm trying get Lesley & I caught up on things.
Emails, class kits, orders, blogging,
clean house, and "doggie doctor".
We have a huge foxtail infestation outside.
The dogs are having huge problems...
So in between kit making and all...
I will be "doggie doctor".
So in between pouring resin...
I will roll on the floor with the dogs..
Check paws for foxtails and then tape up
little baby socks on them.
Its a fun game playing "doggie doctor"...
They like to run, hide, and bite me.

Prepping for class tonight...
Its the last of our Wednesday night technique classes that
we will teach at Frenzy Stamper.

Resins & Glazes.
Tonight we will cover everything from UV resins,
two part resins, glossy accents,
lacquers, enamel resins, and UTEE.
If you have a passion for jewelry making
this class is for you.

Also prepping for this upcoming Saturday's big class day at Frenzy Stamper.
In the morning we will be teaching a pendant and tag making class.
Here are a few examples...

We will be playing with enamel resin and UV resin
to create two silver overlay pendants- either for wear or artwork.

Then in the afternoon we will be teaching our
last beeswax collage class for the summer.
( Of course we always say that... but I think this time its true)
We are doing an ephemera and hardware filled- hinged beeswax collage piece
inspired by Alice in Wonderland and with a touch of rust and steampunk.
We call it "Wonderland".
As always all supplies will be provided in both classes.

Feel free to bring your favorite scissors...
Any ephemera and images that you desire..
and a desire to create.

Below is another sample pic of the "Wonderland" piece....
Have a great day all!


MarleneMAZ said...

Really wish i could come but did a class last Saturday and then will be at Tim's class. My hubby would not be amused if I did 3 Saturdays in a row !
See you at Tim's class :)

Marie-Aimée said...

these pages are really amazing...

Turner's Tokens said...

I wish I could check out you talk on all the resins. I make bottle cap art and have been looking around trying to find good examples of what different resins and glosses can primarily be used for. I love all your work and just recently stumbled across your blog.
Keep up the great posts!

Queen Bee said...

Fabulous art!

Linda Cain said...

Always love your ART and your music. Wonderful eye candy.




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