Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tim, Curio Boxes, UTEE Hearts, and more...

Summer Camp started last week...
Kids on a manic high...
The heat here in Arizona is rapidly rising....
Last Friday Lesley and I ended the week exhausted...
Utterly and creatively done...
Lesley and I needed a recharge of sorts...

Luckily something special came along...

The Frenzy Stamper Queen & Hubby

This weekend was Frenzy Stamper's Birthday Celebration!
A "huge hug" & "congratulations" to Debbie for a fantastic seven years!
May there be many more...

In celebration Tim was going to be in
town teaching for this auspicious event.

So early Saturday morning Lesley and I
dragged our weary souls over to Old Scottsdale.
Filled ourselves with Lattes and Espresso.

Then prepared ourselves for an all day teaching event with Tim.

When you take a class you hope for
a good teacher with passion and panache?
We surely do.

Tim has it all.
He cares and he is infectious with his passions.
A good teacher should entertain, enlighten, and inspire.
Something that we always try to do within our own classes.
Nothing is better than an engaging, enthusiastic,
charismatic and generous instructor.
Great class Tim!
Thank you Tim & Mario for your generosity, stories, and laughter.
Here are a few pics from class and our finished "curio" boxes.
It was also great to run into a more than a few familiar faces in class.
Congratulations again Ellen!
Here are a few class pics and completed project.
Also... Lesley and I both won prizes... unheard of... its a never...
but on this day two fantastic prize bags came our way.
Thanks Deb!

First part of class.

Midway point....

Working thru lunch... Table partners... Joy & Barbara..a pure pleasure.

Lesley's completed box....

Mike's box....

..After Tim's class.... we had a day of quick lazy rest.
Watched the "Tudors" and chased the dogs around
pulling "foxtails" out of paws.

Then we decided to get Chinese food and throw some lawn chairs in the back
of the truck and head to the drive in and watch "Sex & The City 2".
A fine time to be had...

Then we taught a section of class at Paper Vineyard on Monday.
Played with UTEE and Amate pendants.
Thanks all that stopped in!
We will be teaching an "UTEE & Pendants" Technique Class this month at Paper Vineyard.
More info and examples coming later tonight.
We will be in Payson on Saturday teaching our
special "Metal Tape"and Bird Plaque class.
This is an impromptu class that we just put on the schedule.
So if you are interested give Paper & Metal Scrappers a ring.
We hope that you all had a great Memorial Day weekend!
Talk soon,
Mike & Lesley


Chia said...

Glad to hear you found some real play time for both of you. The boxes look great. I especially like Lesley's, there is a serenity behind the chaos that speaks to me. Your box tells me that your mind was still in fast-forward. :)

Kathy said...

I LOVE those boxes!!! I saw them on Tim's site and wish he were near Chicago so I could take one. Very, very cool. - Kathy

JWood said...

sounds like a fun class! have you tried StazOn to stamp on the glass of the curio case?!? it's a blast!

aren't we supposed to meet up one day soon mike?!? i'm free all summer!

Debbie Bick said...

thanks kids love ya...glad you had fun...great boxes.. see ya soon


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